Great design for all

Early April we immersed ourselves in Include 2009, the leading cross-disciplinary conference on the inclusive approach to people-centered design and innovation at the Royal College of Art in London.

SD Reading Circle

On 27 May the 3rd session of the Service Design Reading Circle will take place in Amsterdam. This time we will discuss the reader Designing 4 Services by Lucy Kimbell and Victor Seidl.

Service Design Drinks London

‘For anyone interested in service designing, design thinking and drinking’, as the invitation so aptly says . I am very sorry to miss it myself, but I do encourage others to go and have fun! 24 April, 7 pm, The Slaughtered Lamb. …

GOOD is coming to London again!

As the founder and partner of REACH network, STBY is happy to announce that following on the success of previous related events around the world,…

A New Breed of Design Research Tools

Gone are the days of lugging around clunky recorders, hefty cameras and brick-like hard drives to interviews and observation sites. The design researchers of today need only bring along a smartphone hooked up to a few complementary gadgets and software to capture and save quality audio, video and images.

Rigorous documentation: A research superpower

When research activities get going in earnest, a lot is produced. If treated too casually, the mass of audio files and transcripts, flip-overs and mini-posters full of post-its, photos, interview notes and feedback mails can quickly turn into a massive hairball that no-one can unpick.

What Design Can Do For The Climate

How can designers tackle a problem as complex as climate change? That was the question we were faced with when we partnered with What Design Can Do…

Lead… and let go

In our projects we often help clients to innovate by doing design research together. This usually includes qualitative research and co-creation…