Design Research for positive and meaningful change

STBY is a pioneering thought leader in the field of design research, and specifically when applied for meaningful and positive transformation. We are not just passengers of the projects we work on, but co-drivers of the change we envision in society and through our work.


Co-creation labs

Co-creation labs typically involve hands-on activities in which a varied group of stakeholders expresses experiences and explorers potential solutions in a …

Diagram showing the hierarchy of knowledge the new structure created. It shows small red dots, which represent nuggets of information, within larger circles which represent knowledge areas. There are multiple knowledge area circles inside a larger circle which represents an area of interest. There are also knowledge gaps shown within the area of interest circle.

Making past research more accessible to teams

One of our clients realised they had a problem. They didn’t know enough about all the past user research the organisation had done to date. They had made an audit of …


Agile Collaboration

We have always been strong in adapting our ways of working with clients and partners to develop more agile ways of working. Agility, to us, consists of key attributes:…


Where do you live on Dollar Street?

Are you bamboozled by the daily pandemic statistics of your country? Or have you even tuned out? These numbers are designed to be super clear, and help us understand…