Bees and trees of innovation


An interesting quote from a publication on innovation by Nesta: “successful innovation requires ‘bees’ (small organisations, individuals and groups who have new ideas, and are mobile, quick and able to cross-pollinate) to find receptive ‘trees’ (big organisations such as governments, companies or non-governmental organisations, which are generally poor at creativity but good at implementation, and which have the resilience, roots and scale to make things happen). Much social change is a result of a combination of the two.”

(Copied from ‘Innovation in response to social challenges‘ by Nesta, March 2007. The text mentions another publication as the original source for this metaphore: ‘Social Silicon Valleys. A Manifesto for Social Change’, by the Young Foundation, 2006.)

I do recognise this. STBY is typically an ‘innovation bee’ that helps organisations to identify opportunities for new services, and then facilitates the creative process of idea generation and prototype validation.

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