Us Now screening

Ivo Gormley has made a powerful documentary on the role of the internet for democracy and mass collaboration. It is an inspiring and fast-paced film that covers many examples of online communities sharing knowledge and experiences (e.g Mumsnet), decisions (e.g. Ebssfleet United) and even personal facilities (e.g. Couch surfing).

The film, titled Us Now, postulates that the internet and it’s emerging culture of collaboration create new models of social organisation. Ivo and his team have interviewed an impressive line up of people about their views on this topic, such as Clay Shirky, Paul Miller, Sophia Parker, Tom Steinberg and Charles Leadbeater. We went to the screening at the RSA in London on 3 December. Many people turned up and participated in a lively debate afterwards. It certainly got the crowd going.

There will be more screenings to follow in various countries. See the website of Us Now for more details. This site also contains a rich mix of resources from the film, such as clips, rushes and transcripts. The makers are happy for you to have a go at making your own film and share it with them. You can upload your own video clips and post comments on the Us Now blog.

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