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In-house Service Design training

As more and more organisations are discovering the merits of service design and design thinking, and they embark on a process of realigning their service offering and internal procdures, they have a need for speicalised staff training. STBY has worked with a several companies on in-house training events that varied from a half day seminar to a 10 week series of themed workshops.

Improving bicycle parking at train stations

Bicycle parking at train stations in big cities is an increasing problem in the Netherlands. A lot of travellers park their bikes along the streets and footpaths around the train station. In many places this causes a huge mess, with bikes standing in the way of pedestrians, and cyclists scrambling to find a place for their bike. At the same time existing indoor bicycle storage spaces around the stations are underused. This is an issue for municipal authorities as well as for NS and Prorail (the main train operator and rail infrastructure company in the country), and also for the association of cyclists. They jointly decided to invest in improving the situation and come up with a new concept for bicycle parking at stations that could cater for everyone. To inspire and facilitate the conversations between the different stakeholders, STBY was asked to investigate and represent the perspective of cyclists on this matter.

Modifying and applying tools to context

We recently hosted a day-long workshop with Microsoft, where we explored the potentials of the tools in the DIY Toolkit (Development Impact & You) for their team. In this immersive hands-on workshop we looked at how these tools can be used among multidisciplinary design teams, to both communicate design research findings to stakeholders as well as identify design actions for the future. Using behaviour films and heuristic data as our starting point, we looked at how these tools can provide a beneficial structure to the ongoing, open-ended collaborations amongst designers. The tools in the DIY Toolkit are versatile and can be applied […]

Learning by Doing workshop at STBY

Recently STBY hosted an intimate DIY session with innovation professionals from different sectors, as a brief introduction to the DIY Toolkit. The hands-on workshop served as an introduction to the toolkit by exploring a small selection of tools. These had been adapted to fit within the format of the workshop. The tools also served as a way of showing how the tools can be re-purposed and adjusted to fit within an organisation’s bespoke needs. The DIY Toolkit had been created with the aim to secure the long term impact and change. What makes this toolkit special is that it includes […]

DIY talk and workshop at the London Design Festival

As part of the enthralling London Design week celebrations, STBY gave a talk and hosted a fast paced workshop using tools from the DIYToolkit last week.

Don’t you design chairs anymore?

The first issue of the CRISP magazine ‘Don’t you design chairs anymore?’ was launched at the design review session on 24th April 2013. The magazine gives a great overview on issues concerning the changing role of designers with their involvement in strategic issues as well as looks at the challenges that are involved in developing complex product service systems, like robots in healthcare. With an aim into creating a body of knowledge concerning the design of product-service systems, the issue features articles both from Bas and Marie from STBY. The article by Marie discusses the use of early research results in a workshop for […]

The power of PSS demonstrated through laser-cut food

STBY is part of the Dutch national innovation programme for the creative industries called CRISP. The PSS 101 project in this programme focusses on how Prodcut Service Systems are created in networks and aims to learn more about how these networks actually work. As STBY knows from experience, such networks are often needed because one organisation alone cannot provide the entire service. In our work with ZuidZorg, also a member of PSS 101, we have often seen this, but also in the work for the national dutch railways, with ProRail and NS together. Yet networked collaborations are not an easy […]

From Field Stories to Strategic Design

Based on their workshop at the service design conference in Paris in October 2012, Bas Raijmakers, Geke van Dijk from STBY and Katherine Gough from Nokia Design wrote a paper for the latest edition of Touchpoint 4-3 ‘Cultural Change by Service Design’, the magazine of the international Service Design Network. The paper, published in Service Design Network’s Touchpoint magazine, discusses practicing interpretation skills, storytelling and supporting design and business decisions with evidence and inspiration from everyday life.

Workshop Tour in Japan

2013 started off with an exciting series of workshops and presentations in Japan. STBY was invited to work with two universities in Tokyo and one of the largest national IT companies.

Giving the floor to the employees: Working with local government staff on service improvements

Following up on a previous study among entrepreneurs in Amsterdam about their experiences with the service offering from the local government, STBY conducted a series of workshops in each of Amsterdam’s seven district councils. The aim of the workshops was both to present the results of the study to the service employees and to jointly explore opportunities for improvement with them.