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Service Design & Multichannel Customer Journeys

At the latest UX Hong Kong conference in February 2012, Geke van Dijk presented a talk on ‘Service Design: Co-production at the moment of thruth‘ and a workshop on ‘Multichannel Customer Journeys: Connecting the touch points‘. A selection of the slides can be downloaded here. If you were there: send us your feedback. We are always happy to hear!

Say yes to the mess!

For ‘The week of Service Design’ on Molblog, the online platform of the Dutch Marketing Magazine, Geke van Dijk was invited to contribute an article to illustrate the benefits of design research for service innovation. ‘Say yes to the mess’ discusses how empathic research into everyday life generates insights that illuminate and explain the often eclectic series of touchpoints between consumers and organisations. These insights show how consumers make their own choices on what service to use, where, when, how and from who. From the perspective of an individual service provider these choices may seem elusive at times, but from […]

Design ethnography: Taking inspiration from everyday life

For the book This is Service Design Thinking, recently published by BIS Publishers, Geke van Dijk contributed a chapter on design ethnography, in addition to the toolbox STBY edited for the book. Design Ethnography aims to understand the future users of a design, such as a certain service. It is a structured process for going into depth on the everyday lifes and experiences of the people a design is for. The aim is to enable the design team to identify with these people; to build up an empathic understanding of their practices and routines, and what they care about. This […]

No inter-disciplinary without disciplines

Based on their keynote presentation at the service design conference in Berlin in November 2010, Geke van Dijk and Marianne Guldbrandsen wrote a paper for the latest edition of Touchpoint, the magazine of the international Service Design Network. The paper discusses situations wherein service designers work for client organisations that are relatively new to service design. These clients often have difficulties to see the value of incorporating a service design approach to their organisation and customer relations. They need more than just ‘a nice service design show case projectʼ. They rather need a more long-term process for change, and they […]

Creative Thinking

For the recently submitted proposal for a new Dutch innovation programme demonstrating the added value of the creative thinking for business and economy, Geke van Dijk has written a contribution detailing the background, principles and process of Creative Thinking. The final text has been co-authored with Ruurd Priester from Lost Boys, and is included in the proposal as a special appendix. (PDF, 102kb)

Charging Up: Energy usage in households around the world

Article for Touchpoint 4, the journal of the international Service Design Network, by Geke van Dijk. ‘Charging Up’ is an international study of people’s practices and motivations in relation to everyday usage of energy in households. This study investigated the interest and willingness people have to review and potentially alter their daily routines in energy usage, and in this respect explored how energy providers may support their customers with new services and tools. (PDF, 352kb)

Change: moving on to the next level

Keynote presentation by Geke van Dijk at the CHI Nederland conference in Leiden (11 June 2009). (PDF 4,6 Mb) The presentation has also been recorded on video and can be viewed on Vimeo.

Keynote presentation at CHI.nl

Geke van Dijk gave a keynote speech at the CHI.nl conference on 11 June in Leiden. The title was ‘Change: moving on the the next level’. The talk was an appeal to pioneers in the HCI field in The Netherlands to get more involved in Service Design.

Open Innovation with a service design approach

Paper on Open Innovation project for Elsevier. Written by Geke van Dijk, Bas Raijmakers, Michiel van der Heyden en Toke Barter. Presented at the international Service Design conference in Amsterdam (24-26 November 2008). (PDF, 544kb)

HCI informing Service Design, and visa versa

Paper by Geke van Dijk. Presented at the workshop Service Design, during the conference HCI2008 in Liverpool (2-5 September 2008). (PDF, 336 kb)