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From Field Stories to Strategic Design

Based on their workshop at the service design conference in Paris in October 2012, Bas Raijmakers, Geke van Dijk from STBY and Katherine Gough from Nokia Design wrote a paper for the latest edition of Touchpoint 4-3 ‘Cultural Change by Service Design’, the magazine of the international Service Design Network. The paper, published in Service Design Network’s Touchpoint magazine, discusses practicing interpretation skills, storytelling and supporting design and business decisions with evidence and inspiration from everyday life.

New website Service Design Netwerk Nederland

We finally managed to sit down together and compile a website for the Dutch Service Design Network, offering a online platform for sharing news and resources.

Welcome to Southampton station! (touchpoint of the month – Mar)

When I entered Southampton station one early Friday evening in March, this is the first thing I saw. The engineering work posters were positioned like a line of soldiers, preventing me to enter any train I had set my mind on. Great touchpoint, very hard to miss!

“We have to disconnect the line now” (touchpoint of the month – Feb)

We ordered recently a new router from BT for our London studio. This all arrived on the time promised and was not too hard to install in the end. But things took a stranger turn later, when BT started to check if we had managed well. Some day early February I got a call that went something like this: “Hello, this is BT. We cannot talk to you now unfortunately. We have to disconnect the line now, goodbye.” Yes, you read this well, BT rang me, I did not ring them, to give me this odd message. Why ring someone […]

Sorry… (touchpoint of the month – Jan)

This dutch bus says: “SORRY, NO SERVICE.” It struck me because for decades it always said simply and bluntly: “GEEN DIENST”. What would have made the bus service in Rotterdam change…