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Don’t you design chairs anymore?

The first issue of the CRISP magazine ‘Don’t you design chairs anymore?’ was launched at the design review session on 24th April 2013. The magazine gives a great overview on issues concerning the changing role of designers with their involvement in strategic issues as well as looks at the challenges that are involved in developing complex product service systems, like robots in healthcare. With an aim into creating a body of knowledge concerning the design of product-service systems, the issue features articles both from Bas and Marie from STBY. The article by Marie discusses the use of early research results in a workshop for […]

Service Design by Industrial Designers

In March 2013 this new book by Froukje Sleeswijk Visser was launched. It is a critical reflection on recent developments in service design, specifically on the consequences for the education of a new generation of designers. It features several case studies and reflections on the mindset, methods and skills of designers including those of STBY. In fact, STBY is happy to have helped co-write one of the key chapters on the Prototyping stage in the design practice. The full book is available at lulu.com

Workshop Tour in Japan

2013 started off with an exciting series of workshops and presentations in Japan. STBY was invited to work with two universities in Tokyo and one of the largest national IT companies.

Giving the floor to the employees: Working with local government staff on service improvements

Following up on a previous study among entrepreneurs in Amsterdam about their experiences with the service offering from the local government, STBY conducted a series of workshops in each of Amsterdam’s seven district councils. The aim of the workshops was both to present the results of the study to the service employees and to jointly explore opportunities for improvement with them.

Reviewing municipal service delivery: Learning from the experiences of entrepreneurs in Haarlem

The city of Haarlem is keen to improve its services to local entrepreneurs. To this purpose, they have initiated several activities. One of these is the campaign ‘More Service, Less Rules’. Another such initiative is a qualitative research among local entrepreneurs to learn from their experiences. STBY was asked by the Chamber of Commerce to conduct this study. The aim was to elicit entrepreneurs’ experiences and satisfaction with the municipal service delivery, and to advise on solutions to the barriers that entrepreneurs are facing.

Keynote presentations at conferences

Over the past months STBY has been invited to give keynote presentations at various seminars and conferences. These talks are usually a mix of current reflections on our fast changing field of work and illustrations from projects we recently worked on. One of the questions we often get from event organisers when they invite us is to give their audience some pointers in getting their heads around the rather confusing terminology of Service Design, Service Innovation, Design Research, Design Thinking, User Experience Design and Product Service Systems.

Audience Driven Innovation: Improving the Theatre Experience

One of the most common issues STBY are asked to help with is how to successfully integrate customers into innovation processes. This issue manifests itself in a diverse number of ways, and the problems it presents can vary wildly from sector to sector. A project recently completed in The Netherlands therefore granted us an opportunity to get to know yet another diverse group of customers – the theatre audience. Theatre Institue Netherlands (TIN) are in many ways both the heart and the memory of theatre in the Netherlands. They document, support and promote Dutch theatre; they offer the largest multimedia theatre […]

ZuidZorg: Supporting Early-dementia Carers

  What services are needed to support people living with dementia? STBY recently tackled this question together with Zuidzorg, a Dutch provider of extra-mural health care services who (amongst many other things) offer services targeted at at dementia sufferers who want to remain living in their own home. Whether these people live alone or with their partner, they invariably depend heavily on people within their social circles to provide some (or indeed all) of the care they need. ZuidZorg provide additional care and support, and asked STBY to investigate how they could collaborate more with these personal carers, whether they […]

Service Design & Multichannel Customer Journeys

At the latest UX Hong Kong conference in February 2012, Geke van Dijk presented a talk on ‘Service Design: Co-production at the moment of thruth‘ and a workshop on ‘Multichannel Customer Journeys: Connecting the touch points‘. A selection of the slides can be downloaded here. If you were there: send us your feedback. We are always happy to hear!

RCA launch new MA in Service Design

The RCA have recently announced that starting next year they’ll be offering a new MA in Service Design. Bas obtained his PhD from the RCA back in 2007, so we know first-hand what a great school it is – and the new program looks like a great introduction to both the theory and practice of the Service Design field. The proposed program looks to be an interesting mix of theory and ‘real-world’ practice, and we’re really curious as to how popular the course wil prove to be. The deadline for applications isn’t until February 2012 if you’re interested in signing […]