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Living Sustainably: Exploring Ways Panasonic Can Support Green Living

How can people in the U.S. live a sustainable lifestyle? That’s the question STBY recently tried to answer during a project with the Reach Network commissioned by Panasonic. Any company developing products for the ‘Eco Aware’ has to first gain an understanding of the lifestyles such consumers need. The plurality of approaches and attitudes that invariably exist towards sustainable living complicates the matter of how people react to green products. Exploring these differences allows companies to develop products that more effectively support people’s efforts to live their lives in an environmentally conscious way. With this in mind, Panasonic asked STBY […]

STBY magazine – Service Innovation Inspired by People

Motivated by the limited amount of literature on design research and service design currently available, we initiated STBY magazine. The first issue was published and distributed to clients, prospects and peers during the past few months in hard copy, but we also want to offer the contents as a downloadable PDF here. STBY magazine offers a collection of case study based stories, intended to introduce both the theory and practice of the emerging fields of design research and service design. The contents is based on the work of STBY, being one of the leading pioneers in both these fields. The […]

Probe and Diary Studies

Well-designed, surprising and playful materials can prompt participants to report in more lively and surprising ways than during interviews or focus groups, where they only sit and talk about their experiences. Probe studies provide participants with research materials they actively use for a certain period, and that trigger the recording of experiences during this use (e.g. notes, drawings, photos or audio recordings). For probe studies close collabaration between researchers and designers is crucial. This is an excellent method to actively involve members of design teams in the early explorations of a concept development process. Diaries offer an excellent opportunity to […]

Service Experience Lab

Immerse yourself in the service experiences of your customers and identify new opportunities for innovation. In a bespoke one-day programme we facilitate an lively encounter between your team and some consumers from your target group.

Future usage of mobile internet services

Together with designers of T-Mobile who are working on the development of future mobile internet services, we organised an intensive day of concept testing with a mixed group of participants. For the occassion our London office was transformed in a ‘user lab’.