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New website Service Design Netwerk Nederland

We finally managed to sit down together and compile a website for the Dutch Service Design Network, offering a online platform for sharing news and resources.

Service Design

On popular request a one-page explanation on Service Design. This is a relatively new and successful approach to innovation and it is becoming increasingly popular in the creative industry. However, there are very few sources available that explain the principles of service design. This is clearly a case of practice-based development by early adopters such as STBY. Hit the ground running as they say… (PDF, 248 kb – in English and Dutch)

Inclusive Design

Also on popular request an overview of which research techniques are most suitable in each stage of the inclusive design process. This is another area that is only scarely documented. STBY developed this overview for a client report, but we feel that it should be publicly available to the wider community as well. (PDF, 36 kb)

Girls and glossies

Press release by Spunk//STBY on a recently completed study among 15-16 year old girls. (Spunk//STBY is a joint venture for research specifically focused on issues regarding young people in The Netherlands.) (168 kb – in Dutch.)