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From Field Stories to Strategic Design

Based on their workshop at the service design conference in Paris in October 2012, Bas Raijmakers, Geke van Dijk from STBY and Katherine Gough from Nokia Design wrote a paper for the latest edition of Touchpoint 4-3 ‘Cultural Change by Service Design’, the magazine of the international Service Design Network. The paper, published in Service Design Network’s Touchpoint magazine, discusses practicing interpretation skills, storytelling and supporting design and business decisions with evidence and inspiration from everyday life.

No inter-disciplinary without disciplines

Based on their keynote presentation at the service design conference in Berlin in November 2010, Geke van Dijk and Marianne Guldbrandsen wrote a paper for the latest edition of Touchpoint, the magazine of the international Service Design Network. The paper discusses situations wherein service designers work for client organisations that are relatively new to service design. These clients often have difficulties to see the value of incorporating a service design approach to their organisation and customer relations. They need more than just ‘a nice service design show case projectʼ. They rather need a more long-term process for change, and they […]

World class pioneers and creative thinkers

As one of the first companies to begin creating projects around the principles of design research and service design, STBY have been intimately involved with the ongoing development of these fields of work. We’ve written papers, magazine and book chapters, founded collaborative and information-sharing networks, and given talks at national and international conferences all across the world. This involvement with design research and service design’s continued evolution keeps us at the forefront of the field, as through our work we’re helping to define it.

Charging Up: Energy usage in households around the world

Article for Touchpoint 4, the journal of the international Service Design Network, by Geke van Dijk. ‘Charging Up’ is an international study of people’s practices and motivations in relation to everyday usage of energy in households. This study investigated the interest and willingness people have to review and potentially alter their daily routines in energy usage, and in this respect explored how energy providers may support their customers with new services and tools. (PDF, 352kb)

STBY in Touchpoint

STBY’s Strategy Director Geke Van Dijk has contributed an article to issue 4 of Touchpoint, the international journal of service design. The issue focuses on links between service design and behavioural change.

Call for papers on Service Design

The academic journal Behaviour and Information Technology has accepted to publish a special issue on ‘Services and Human-Computer Interaction: New Opportunities’. A call for papers, explaining the topic and procedure for submitting and reviewing has been sent out (deadline 28 February).

How sticky research drives Service Design

At the 2009 Service Design Network conference in Madeira, Bas presented a paper with Andreas Sommerwerk of Deutsche Telekom AG. The title is “How sticky research drives service design,” and the paper was also written by Indri Tulusan of Spur and Julia Leihener, co-director with Andreas of the Creation Center in Berlin. The paper tells the story of how we used little movies throughout a design process for new concepts that enhance community interaction on mobile phones. (PDF, 3.6 Mb)

Adopting rigor in Service Design research

Bas co-authored the paper “Thinking and Doing Ethnography in Service Design” with Fabian Segelström and Stefan Holmlid of Linköping University in Sweden for the IASDR 2009 conference in Seoul, 18-22 Oct.

Designing Empathic Conversations for Inclusive Design Facilitation

Paper on inclusive design facilitation for the Heartlands project. Presented by Bas at the Include conference in London (6-8 April 2009). Authors: Bas Raijmakers, Geke van Dijk, Yanki Lee and Sarah Williams. (PDF 1.6 MB)

Open Innovation with a service design approach

Paper on Open Innovation project for Elsevier. Written by Geke van Dijk, Bas Raijmakers, Michiel van der Heyden en Toke Barter. Presented at the international Service Design conference in Amsterdam (24-26 November 2008). (PDF, 544kb)