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Networked Devices

To really understand how smart devices (e.g. a smartphone, a bank account, a car, a lighting system) work for someone, you also need to look at both the devices and services in the ‘ecosystem’ which surrounds it.

Future Society

From cultural provision to ageing societies and social care, we’ve looked at a variety of topics that explore the challenges future societies may pose for people’s lives. Our empathic, people-focused approach is particularly applicable to social innovation – especially those topics which revolve around intimate and personal issues.

International Focus

Deeper insights into contemporary consumer behaviour can be obtained by working within a global context, which identify and explore both international trends and local cultural factors. This produces the insights necessary for design and strategy teams working in a globalised world, and also refines research methods that are improved by being tested and applied in a wide variety of locations and environments.

Agile Collaborations

Many of the results we achieve with our work are only possible when working in an open and responsive way. Over the past few years we’ve developed an approach that facilitates agile collaboration with our clients during the course of projects, and often also across projects.

Empathic Conversations

Empathic conversations are a way to reach the deepest level of behavioural insight. They present the lives of real people in a structured manner that can inform and inspire design, strategy and innovation.

Design Research for Service Innovation

Our creative research projects connect organisations with the lives and experiences of their customers. This helps our clients to innovate their service offering, making it more valuable for both their customers and their business. Our projects generate rich, visually illustrated and engaging materials, that bring real people into the heart of service innovation processes. Watch our video to know more.