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Defining ‘Smart’: Using Video to Explore Smartphone Usage

  Do people in different countries have different ideas as to what a smartphone can do for them? In the latest of a series of projects conducted for a major telecoms company, STBY have just finished an in-depth international study that used video to explore what role smartphones have in peoples everyday lives. We constructed a series of design documentaries that provide vivid insights into the various things people do – or at least try to do – using their phones.   Conducted as a series of discrete studies within particular time-constraints, this project was an excellent example of how […]

Videos to Inform and Inspire: Helping Novo Nordisk Design for Diabetes

  STBY have recently completed a project with the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. We were asked to put a human face to four different types of patients with diabetes, all of whom cope with their disease in very different ways.  The company wanted to present their teams with materials that would guide and inspire development of future products and services, by synthesising and enriching user-research material from several previous studies into one cohesive whole. In order to achieve this, it was essential that we collaborated very closely with the client team. This began with a collaborative workshop which was […]

Living Sustainably: Exploring Ways Panasonic Can Support Green Living

How can people in the U.S. live a sustainable lifestyle? That’s the question STBY recently tried to answer during a project with the Reach Network commissioned by Panasonic. Any company developing products for the ‘Eco Aware’ has to first gain an understanding of the lifestyles such consumers need. The plurality of approaches and attitudes that invariably exist towards sustainable living complicates the matter of how people react to green products. Exploring these differences allows companies to develop products that more effectively support people’s efforts to live their lives in an environmentally conscious way. With this in mind, Panasonic asked STBY […]

Design Research for Service Innovation

Our creative research projects connect organisations with the lives and experiences of their customers. This helps our clients to innovate their service offering, making it more valuable for both their customers and their business. Our projects generate rich, visually illustrated and engaging materials, that bring real people into the heart of service innovation processes. Watch our video to know more.

STBY magazine – Service Innovation Inspired by People

Motivated by the limited amount of literature on design research and service design currently available, we initiated STBY magazine. The first issue was published and distributed to clients, prospects and peers during the past few months in hard copy, but we also want to offer the contents as a downloadable PDF here. STBY magazine offers a collection of case study based stories, intended to introduce both the theory and practice of the emerging fields of design research and service design. The contents is based on the work of STBY, being one of the leading pioneers in both these fields. The […]

Design documentaries

STBY has developed a unique method to explore and communicate the elusive, inconsistent fabric of everyday life by using video and engaging in a dialogue with the participants in a research.

STBY at the 2010 Service Design Conference, Berlin

STBY are heading to Germany this October for the annual conference of the Service Design Network. On the first day Geke will present a keynote talk, and on the second Bas will host a workshop on design documentaries.

Presentation at Emerce E-Day

Geke van Dijk and Julia Leihener (Creation Center Deutche Telekom) will be co-presenting at the E-Day conference, organised by Emerce on 16 September in Rotterdam. Geke and Julia will present the research project conducted by STBY and the Creation Center.

Aligning propositions: How video helps Telecoms firms to match services to customer needs

A major telecoms firm commissioned STBY to work together on a series of projects that enabled them to gradually align their research and development processes around principles of design research. The latest of these projects saw STBY prepare and facilitate a collaborative alignment workshop focused on the consumer solutions videos produced by STBY for the company in early 2010.

Personal storytelling with video

STBY recently produced a series of films for a major telecoms firm, documenting the ‘solutions’ people improvise to a range of situations in their everyday lives. These films are to be used in the fims’s internal ideation and design processes, where they allow various departments to connect with the lives of consumers.