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Apogee Hosts UXHK 2015

Apogee, our partner in the REACH network for Global Design Reserach, recently hosted their annual User Experience Hong Kong Event (UXHK). Through presentations, discussions, and workshops, the event aims to bring together designers across disciplines to re-examine what it means to design meaningful experiences for both people and businesses.

Belonging & Belongings: Design Research Through Visual Explorations

Together with Daijiro Mizuno from Keio University Japan, Geke van Dijk and Bas Raijmakers from STBY have co-authored a paper for the annual IASDR conference in Tokyo (International Association of Societies of Design Research). This paper describes the methodology and application of the artistic design research conducted for the Belonging & Belongings study. This ongoing experimental research programme across multiple cities (Tokyo, London, Amsterdam) has generated an abundance of visual explorations. A final publication is forthcoming. Daijiro Mizuno presents this paper on 28th August.

Keynote presentations at conferences

Over the past months STBY has been invited to give keynote presentations at various seminars and conferences. These talks are usually a mix of current reflections on our fast changing field of work and illustrations from projects we recently worked on. One of the questions we often get from event organisers when they invite us is to give their audience some pointers in getting their heads around the rather confusing terminology of Service Design, Service Innovation, Design Research, Design Thinking, User Experience Design and Product Service Systems.

Design Research – thinking through making

Bas Raijmakers gave a presentation on Design Research – thinking through making at UX Hong Kong 2012, the gathering for primarily Asian practitioners of UX design organized by our Reach-partner Apogee. The version offered here is a stripped down version without films and with low resolution images to not reveal details of our participants and clients.

Service Design & Multichannel Customer Journeys

At the latest UX Hong Kong conference in February 2012, Geke van Dijk presented a talk on ‘Service Design: Co-production at the moment of thruth‘ and a workshop on ‘Multichannel Customer Journeys: Connecting the touch points‘. A selection of the slides can be downloaded here. If you were there: send us your feedback. We are always happy to hear!

Unbox-ing Cross-Cultural Differences

Geke and Bas had a great time in India this month attending UnBox, the annual festival organised by our Indian Reach partner, Quicksand.

Be a Fellow at UnBox 2012

  Our Indian Reach partner, Quicksand, had some exciting news this week: the launch of their 2012 UnBox Fellowships. UnBox is a festival celebrating interdisciplinary processes and experiences that shape contemporary thought and action. UnBox invites participants from all walks of life— practitioners, students, educators and institutions, who are redefining professional, social and cultural engagement in their contexts. Together, new forms and experiences emerge to challenge traditional notions of work, play and discourse. In 2012, the UnBox Festival will be held from Feb 2-5 in New Delhi. UnBox Fellowships provide an opportunity for chosen fellows to travel and work across a […]

GOOD’11 Programme Released!

With a month to go before our first conference ‘The Great Outdoors of Design’ gets underway, the full list of topics we’ll be looking at has now been finalised. Our intention with this event has always been to aim for a more intimate and collaborative atmosphere than is found at many conferences; we really want to explore these issues in conjunction with our attendees – not just stand there on the stage talking about them. All of the topics are collected around two main themes, both of which we think are right at the heart of Design Research: How can […]

The Great Outdoors of Design: An Interactive Conference Hosted by Reach

These are exciting times here at STBY, as today we can announce that come Friday September 23rd we’ll be hosting our first conference with Reach, the global network of design research companies of which STBY are a co-founder. Held in conjunction with the London Design Festival,”The Great Outdoors of Design” (or ‘GOOD’, as we increasingly like to call it) will be a behind-the-scenes look at a range of cross-cultural research projects that embody design principles.   What happens when innovative design is combined with groundbreaking research?   The event will be an interactive experience where those attending will be able to collaboratively explore […]

Design Research talk at Q Festival

What makes Design Research different from most traditional qualitative research? What are the most important characteristics in terms of focus, process, materials and output?