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Service Design in Practice

STBY is proud contributor to the book ‘Service Design: Insights from nine practices’ that has recently been translated to English. This book is the  result of a three year service innovation programme ‘Service Design in Practice’, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the municipality of Utrecht and the Utrecht province. The book was edited by academic researchers from TU Delft and Hogeschool Utrecht, who followed the proceedings of a series of case study projects. The various chapters provide an inspiring and instructive look behind the scenes of some of Service Design projects, including two by STBY. The editors […]

Design Transitions

A new book that features our work was recently launched: ‘Design Transitions’ by Joyce Yee, Emma Jefferies and Lauren Tan. This book presents a series of stories on how design is changing around the world. From small practices to vast corporations, the renowned to the lesser known: the authors collected the stories of people working at the fringes of the traditional disciplines of design. They have interviewed people in 12 countries around the world, who represent 3 different communities: design agencies, organisations embedding design, and design academics. STBY is one of these agencies. Design Transitions is published by BIS Publishers […]

Service Design for local government

Our project with the City of Amsterdam is featured on the national online knowledge sharing site for civil servants operated by KING. This is based on our project which looked to help the local government in Amsterdam to improve the service offering to entrepreneurs. Since then, the local government has been putting a lot of effort into communicating and using the results. Within a few months, we are happy to be seeing the research results already successfully utilised in various departments.

Belonging & Belongings: Design Research Through Visual Explorations

Together with Daijiro Mizuno from Keio University Japan, Geke van Dijk and Bas Raijmakers from STBY have co-authored a paper for the annual IASDR conference in Tokyo (International Association of Societies of Design Research). This paper describes the methodology and application of the artistic design research conducted for the Belonging & Belongings study. This ongoing experimental research programme across multiple cities (Tokyo, London, Amsterdam) has generated an abundance of visual explorations. A final publication is forthcoming. Daijiro Mizuno presents this paper on 28th August.

Our work featured on KING site

Our project with the City of Amsterdam is featured on the national online knowledge sharing site for civil servants operated by KING.

Studying new behaviours across an ecosystem of devices

As a follow up on our previous work on mobile phone devices, we recently completed an intensive though extremely exciting project on new and changing behaviours of owners of smartphones and devices. The last three to four years has seen a massive surge in the intelligence as well as size, shape and type of devices available to consumers. From smartphones to the latest tablets and phablets, there is an overarching range of technology we not only use but have become dependent on in running our everyday life. Though many definitions exist – for the purposes of our study, we simplified […]

Interview in l’Atelier

In answer to Bas’s presentation at the Internet of Things, L’Atelier, a technology and innovation tracking unit, interviewed us about our railway projects. The interview zoomed in to STBY’s latest railway project, a research we recently completed for NS, testing two major service improvements on the Dutch railway system, resulting in a french article

Research and method: an international overview from Italy

We’re proud to have STBY mentioned in an article along with other agencies in the lastest issue of the ‘Ottagono’ . The article reflects on how the some of the most prominent international design studios develop interactive tools for designing the intangible. The ‘Ottagono’  is a monthly bilingual magazine from Italy covering contemporary design and architecture around the world. In their latest issue the publication looked at topics ranging from education to housing to designing for public services, featuring us.  

Don’t you design chairs anymore?

The first issue of the CRISP magazine ‘Don’t you design chairs anymore?’ was launched at the design review session on 24th April 2013. The magazine gives a great overview on issues concerning the changing role of designers with their involvement in strategic issues as well as looks at the challenges that are involved in developing complex product service systems, like robots in healthcare. With an aim into creating a body of knowledge concerning the design of product-service systems, the issue features articles both from Bas and Marie from STBY. The article by Marie discusses the use of early research results in a workshop for […]

Service Design by Industrial Designers

In March 2013 this new book by Froukje Sleeswijk Visser was launched. It is a critical reflection on recent developments in service design, specifically on the consequences for the education of a new generation of designers. It features several case studies and reflections on the mindset, methods and skills of designers including those of STBY. In fact, STBY is happy to have helped co-write one of the key chapters on the Prototyping stage in the design practice. The full book is available at lulu.com