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From Field Stories to Strategic Design

Based on their workshop at the service design conference in Paris in October 2012, Bas Raijmakers, Geke van Dijk from STBY and Katherine Gough from Nokia Design wrote a paper for the latest edition of Touchpoint 4-3 ‘Cultural Change by Service Design’, the magazine of the international Service Design Network. The paper, published in Service Design Network’s Touchpoint magazine, discusses practicing interpretation skills, storytelling and supporting design and business decisions with evidence and inspiration from everyday life.

Services for Innovators: Working with Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce to Support Entrepreneurs

A nationwide study recently conducted in The Netherlands reached out to Dutch entrepreneurs to assess how they thought various regions supported their activities. This quantitative study saw Amsterdam emerge with a relatively low score – something the central and district councils there were keen to rectify. They reached out to STBY whilst launching several initiatives designed to turn things around – tasking us with making sure local entrepreneurs felt included and engaged with this process. The project we designed sought to capture the experiences of various entrepreneurs who’d recently had contact with local government. Collected through contextual interviews in the workplace, these experiences covered […]

Service Innovation: facilitated by STBY

STBY enjoyed running a successful workshop last month at PICNIC’s mash-up event in Amsterdam. The workshop focused on some of the Design Research processes we employed during the project we designed for Southern Water, and involved the participants in a a hands-on interviewing exercise during which they played the role of customers of the water company.

Making Connections: Working with PuntExtra to help the elderly live at home, longer

  How can service design bring people together? One frustration some people experience when trying to improve a service is the amount of different organisations that might be involved. What we’ve found at STBY is that it’s still possible to make service design techniques work with broad, loose consortiums who are all involved with a single issue. This was the background for a project in the Netherlands, where we built on our previous project expertise with care services. Working with a consortium of 10 local organisations, we helped design a project exploring how older people in a small village in […]

Audience Driven Innovation: Improving the Theatre Experience

One of the most common issues STBY are asked to help with is how to successfully integrate customers into innovation processes. This issue manifests itself in a diverse number of ways, and the problems it presents can vary wildly from sector to sector. A project recently completed in The Netherlands therefore granted us an opportunity to get to know yet another diverse group of customers – the theatre audience. Theatre Institue Netherlands (TIN) are in many ways both the heart and the memory of theatre in the Netherlands. They document, support and promote Dutch theatre; they offer the largest multimedia theatre […]

Join us for a PICNIC in Amsterdam

    Summer might not have made an appearance yet, but that hasn’t stopped us planning a PICNIC for this May. The PICNIC Innovation Mash Up will be a one-day, active learning event focused on “how”: how businesses in other sectors can successfully apply top innovation and creativity processes used by Dutch and international creative industry professionals to launch new products and services, connect with customers and grow. Featured processes include design thinking, scenario planning, crowdsourcing, service innovation and open design. The event is led by creative industry experts, who’ll be coaching, collaborating and contributing valuable expertise, ideas and feedback. […]

Design Documentaries workshop presentation

At the UX Hong Kong conference 2012, Bas Raijmakers ran a workshop on design documentaries, working with 50 participants to explore some Golden Rules for using film in design research. This workshop was a third iteration of a workshop previously organized for EPIC (Ethnographic Practice in Industry Conference) 2010 in Tokyo and Service Design Global Conference 2010 in Berlin. The workshop format has been developed by several Reach partners together. Slides of the presentation at the start and some of the results can be viewed at the design documentaries blog that Bas keeps for STBY.

Design Research – thinking through making

Bas Raijmakers gave a presentation on Design Research – thinking through making at UX Hong Kong 2012, the gathering for primarily Asian practitioners of UX design organized by our Reach-partner Apogee. The version offered here is a stripped down version without films and with low resolution images to not reveal details of our participants and clients.

Service Design & Multichannel Customer Journeys

At the latest UX Hong Kong conference in February 2012, Geke van Dijk presented a talk on ‘Service Design: Co-production at the moment of thruth‘ and a workshop on ‘Multichannel Customer Journeys: Connecting the touch points‘. A selection of the slides can be downloaded here. If you were there: send us your feedback. We are always happy to hear!

Working on e-book at Ultra Factory Kyoto

To synthesise a series of collaborative design research projects STBY has been working on, together with Daijiro Mizuno from Ultra Factory at the Kyoto University of Arts and Design in Japan, …