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Defining ‘Smart’: Using Video to Explore Smartphone Usage

  Do people in different countries have different ideas as to what a smartphone can do for them? In the latest of a series of projects conducted for a major telecoms company, STBY have just finished an in-depth international study that used video to explore what role smartphones have in peoples everyday lives. We constructed a series of design documentaries that provide vivid insights into the various things people do – or at least try to do – using their phones.   Conducted as a series of discrete studies within particular time-constraints, this project was an excellent example of how […]

GOOD’11 – Thanks for taking part!

Massive thanks to all of you who in some way contributed to making The Great Outdoors of Design a success!

Are you being served? Collaborations to improve services for train travellers

STBY have recently been working on a large-scale project in The Netherlands showcasing the very best of what Service Design has to offer.

Mobility, Cars and Refueling Experiences

What do people care about in terms of mobility, and what do they want from a petrol station? STBY were recently contacted by a big international car brand who wanted us to help them gain a better idea of these topics to inform and inspire their service innovation process.

How to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

This was a question we addressed in one of our recent projects for a large international consumer brand. What do people consider to be a healthy lifestyle? Are they happy with their current ways of maintaining their lifestyles? What would they like to alter? Would they welcome any support with this?

Stakeholder Research in Food & Retail for Ahold

In collaboration with LBi Lost Boys, STBY recently conducted a stakeholder research for Ahold, the international retailing group that owns large consumer brands such as Albert Heijn, Etos, Stop&Shop and Giant.

STBY Are Now on Twitter!

We’ve been on there for a while now as individuals but we thought it was high-time we joined in as a company as well.

Investigating Written Communication: Working With Reach in Telecoms to Find Global Common Ground

Do different people in different companies have the same conversations? Is the language people use influenced by context, culture, technology – or even a mixture of all three?

Creative Conversations: Returning to Heartlands to Inspire New Thinking

STBY recently returned to Heartlands, reprising our role as inclusive design consultants at this large-scale regeneration project in Cornwall.

Say yes to the mess!

For ‘The week of Service Design’ on Molblog, the online platform of the Dutch Marketing Magazine, Geke van Dijk was invited to contribute an article to illustrate the benefits of design research for service innovation. ‘Say yes to the mess’ discusses how empathic research into everyday life generates insights that illuminate and explain the often eclectic series of touchpoints between consumers and organisations. These insights show how consumers make their own choices on what service to use, where, when, how and from who. From the perspective of an individual service provider these choices may seem elusive at times, but from […]