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Ethnographic research in Service Design

Ethnography has become a valued tool in service design, even though the working conditions often do not allow for several months of field studies. During the international Service Design conference (Amsterdam, 24-26 November 2008) we organised a workshop on how service design can optimally benefit from ethnographic research.

Open Innovation with a service design approach

Paper on Open Innovation project for Elsevier. Written by Geke van Dijk, Bas Raijmakers, Michiel van der Heyden en Toke Barter. Presented at the international Service Design conference in Amsterdam (24-26 November 2008). (PDF, 544kb)

Egmont Innovation Bootcamp

During a three-day workshop in Copenhagen for Egmont Publishers, we advised and trained 30 of their international Innovation Managers on how to use consumer research as input for their service innovation process. Together with our partners Radarstation and EDG we hosted a dynamic workshop programme that offered hands-on experience with consumer research and idea generation for innovative services.

HCI informing Service Design, and visa versa

Paper by Geke van Dijk. Presented at the workshop Service Design, during the conference HCI2008 in Liverpool (2-5 September 2008). (PDF, 336 kb)

Leiden University

To prepare a successful open day event for future students, the University of Leiden wanted to explore the expectations and information needs of high school students. Together with three young researchers from Spunk//STBY we interviewed 15 students in depth about the way they orientate themselves on their future studies and careers.

Service Design

On popular request a one-page explanation on Service Design. This is a relatively new and successful approach to innovation and it is becoming increasingly popular in the creative industry. However, there are very few sources available that explain the principles of service design. This is clearly a case of practice-based development by early adopters such as STBY. Hit the ground running as they say… (PDF, 248 kb – in English and Dutch)

Inclusive Design

Also on popular request an overview of which research techniques are most suitable in each stage of the inclusive design process. This is another area that is only scarely documented. STBY developed this overview for a client report, but we feel that it should be publicly available to the wider community as well. (PDF, 36 kb)

Smart Street paper

Paper on experimental design research methods in a street in London, published by the Design Research Society and presented at their annual conference in 2008: Undisciplined!. The project was done with students from the Royal College of Art Design Interactions department. Co-authored by Wendy March (Intel) and Bas Raijmakers. (PDF, 732 kb)

Smart Street presentation

The presentation Bas did at the Design Research Society conference Undisciplined! (2008) on the above mentioned paper. (PDF, 4.2 Mb)

Girls and glossies

Press release by Spunk//STBY on a recently completed study among 15-16 year old girls. (Spunk//STBY is a joint venture for research specifically focused on issues regarding young people in The Netherlands.) (168 kb – in Dutch.)