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Pick n Mix: Consumers combining electronic and conventional service channels

by Geke van Dijk, Shailey Minocha and Angus Laing. Published in a special issue of the journal Interacting With Computers, Volume 19, Issue 1, Elsevier, 2006. (PDF, 540 KB)

Design Documentaries: Inspiring Design Research Through Documentary Film

by Bas Raijmakers, William W. Gaver and Jon Bishay. Presented at DIS2006 conference in State College, Pennsylvania. (PDF, 3.5 MB)

Multichannel consumer behavior: online and offline travel preparations

by Geke van Dijk, Shailey Minocha and Angus Laing. Presented at CHI2006 conference in Montreal, Canada. (PDF, 168 KB)

Channels, consumers and communication: Online and offline communication in service consumption

by Geke van Dijk, Angus Laing and Shailey Minocha. Presented at the Academy of Marketing conference in London 2006. This paper was awarded the Direct and Database Marketing Track Prize by the Institute for Direct Marketing. (PDF, 140 KB)

Investigating users out of the box: exploring multi-channel consumer behaviour

by Geke van Dijk. Presented at SIGCHI2006 conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (PDF in Dutch, 3.6 MB)