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Service Design workshops at York St. John

The students of the Service & Systems design course at York St. John are working on live projects with industry partners and the local council. They tackle topics from designing a new workspace to improving healthy living. To support their innovative thinking, STBY was invited to give a workshop & lecture session based on tools from ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ book we co-authored with Mark Stickdorn and Jakop Schneidler.

Well, Well, Well….CRISP magazine Issue 4

The fourth edition of the CRISP Magazine on Well-being was launched at the Design and Emotion Conference in Bogota, Columbia and presented at CRISP Design Review Session in the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Strategic scoping for new governmental intranet

To inform the strategic decision making by the management team for the national government’s new intranet, STBY was asked to investigate the needs and preferences of the wide range of users across all departments and regular suppliers.

Co-creating water management policy

STBY worked with regional policy makers on opening up the dialogue around the water management in Noord-Brabant to local stakeholders. A Design Thinking approach was used to circumvent some conventional hurdles.

Agri Meets Design: Usage of plant protection treatments

At the invitation of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the STBY team has immersed themselves in the information exchange between the government and the market on plant protection. Over the past few months the experiences of farmers and other stakeholders have been investigated, and suggestions for the improvement of identified bottlenecks were made.

Learning by Doing workshop at STBY

Recently STBY hosted an intimate DIY session with innovation professionals from different sectors, as a brief introduction to the DIY Toolkit. The hands-on workshop served as an introduction to the toolkit by exploring a small selection of tools. These had been adapted to fit within the format of the workshop. The tools also served as a way of showing how the tools can be re-purposed and adjusted to fit within an organisation’s bespoke needs. The DIY Toolkit had been created with the aim to secure the long term impact and change. What makes this toolkit special is that it includes […]

Belonging & Belongings workbook

This summer, we’ve been working to complete a final book that compiles our research activities and materials from the Belonging & Belongings research programme, from 2007 to 2011. These essays provide the conceptual framework in which we carried out our research, elaborating on the approach of ‘artistic design research’.

DIY talk and workshop at the London Design Festival

As part of the enthralling London Design week celebrations, STBY gave a talk and hosted a fast paced workshop using tools from the DIYToolkit last week.

Unbox LABS 2014 is coming to Delhi

The UnBox Festival is an annual festival organised by our REACH partners Quicksand. It celebrates interdisciplinary processes and experiences that shape contemporary thought and action.

Design Research and UX Research on App Store Usage

Very recently we were challenged to imagine a research project to support the development of a new app store design that could combine design research and UX research.