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Family Oriented Services

STBY has recently completed a design research project for an international communications company focusing on family oriented services. Successful family oriented services can already be found in many industries, from banking to utilities. They are seen as a very effective way to satisfy and retain customers. While the family oriented concept has been widely used by marketeers and advertisers in the past, designers and strategists need a deeper understanding of the information flows, habits and motivations of individuals within a household – a very special context. STBY helped one of our clients by designing and conducting a generative design research […]

STBY at the Global AirRail conference in Oslo

STBY presented the case study of a 2013 project where the customer perspective served as the catalyst for innovation and cooperation in between two large transport companies in the Netherlands.

STBY delivers a guest lecture for MBA students at Imperial College

STBY was invited to deliver a guest lecture at the Imperial College in London as part of the Service Design module for the MBA students of the Business School.

Working together with Google

STBY and Google have recently completed a 6 month collaboration. Together with a new product development team at Google, STBY conducted two design research projects.

The future is here – Wearable technology

STBY was commissioned by an international technology company to take a closer look into how people use current wearable technologies, in order to identify opportunities to deliver improved, differentiated, innovative and meaningful experiences in the future.

STBY Sharing Session 26 March

STBY Amsterdam presents on 26 March 2014 its publication “A future vision on innovation in healthcare” (in Dutch).

STBY wins Rotterdam Public Design Prize

On the last day of January the Rotterdam Designprijs (decided by a jury) and the Rotterdam Design Publieksprijs (decided by public vote) were announced. Interestingly, both prizes went to product service systems rather than products, brands or even experiences. Both jury and the public favoured integral, holistic approaches of complex challenges societies and economies face.

An Innovation Atelier (‘Innovatie Werkplaats’) for ZuidZorg

Health care organisation ZuidZorg has 50,000 clients in the Eindhoven surroundings and almost 4000 employees. They provide care to newly borns and young families, and also older people who live at their own homes. This type of organisation will be confromted with major changes in the coming 5-10 years: many more people to provide care to whilst it will be harder to find employees and budgets will not raise or be cut. Therefore it is not surprising that ZuidZorg decided to start their own ‘R&D department’, the first ever of the organisation. The ambition stated in the strategy is to […]

Interview on IT and Care in Dutch Financial Daily insert

27th march 2013 Het Financiële Dagblad (the Dutch financial daily) carried an insert with an interview with STBY creative director Bas Raijmakers. He explains some common problems with care at a distance (‘Zorg op Afstand’)

The power of PSS demonstrated through laser-cut food

STBY is part of the Dutch national innovation programme for the creative industries called CRISP. The PSS 101 project in this programme focusses on how Prodcut Service Systems are created in networks and aims to learn more about how these networks actually work. As STBY knows from experience, such networks are often needed because one organisation alone cannot provide the entire service. In our work with ZuidZorg, also a member of PSS 101, we have often seen this, but also in the work for the national dutch railways, with ProRail and NS together. Yet networked collaborations are not an easy […]