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In-house Service Design training

As more and more organisations are discovering the merits of service design and design thinking, and they embark on a process of realigning their service offering and internal procdures, they have a need for specialised staff training. STBY has worked with a several companies on in-house training events that varied from a half day seminar to a series of themed workshops. Recently we completed a bespoke 5 week in-house service design course with managers from Capgemini.

In the training sessions we discuss general principles of service design and design thinking as well as the methods and tools used in practice. We illustrate these with examples from case studies and give the participants assignments to practice with using the tools themselves. We always customise the programme to the domain of the client and the specific groups of participants in the session.

Over the past years we have also given such bespoke in-house training sessions for VanMorgen, ZuidZorg, Belastingdienst, NTT Data, Microsoft and Xynteo.

As the editors of the tools section in the bestselling book This is Service Design Thinking, we have an excellent overview of methods and techniques to use in every stage of the service disign process. We have a large repository of materials to do hands on exercises with, so the participants can experience for themselves how to apply the theory to projects they are currently working on.

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