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Service Design workshops at York St. John

The students of the Service & Systems design course at York St. John are  working on live projects with industry partners and the local council. They tackle topics from designing a new workspace to improving healthy living. To support their innovative thinking, STBY was invited to give a workshop & lecture session based on tools from ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ book we co-authored with Mark Stickdorn and Jakop Schneidler.

- Design - STBY 019

We delivered intensive workshops and lectures to the bright young third and first year students on how to make use of existing Service design tools and methods. Based on examples from STBY’s case studies, the students were challenged to engage in quick rounds of stakeholder mapping, idea generation and story boarding. The aim behind these two half-day sessions was to learn about our service design thinking processes and gain hands-on experience in using some of these tools.

We were very much inspired by these enthusiastic, active and engaged young people and hope to see them again someday.

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