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International Focus

Deeper insights into contemporary consumer behaviour can be obtained by working within a global context – behavioural drivers can be more accurately documented when local cultural factors can be isolated and identified. Our extensive expertise in designing and conducting multinational research projects allows us to identify and explore both international trends and local cultural factors. This produces the global insights necessary for design and strategy teams working in a globalised world, but also refines research methods that are improved by being tested and applied in a wide variety of locations and environments.

The end-result is products and services that are better tailored around the wants and needs of different communities, cultures, and places. Such outputs can incorporate innovative elements developed to face local cultural challenges that may have global applications – a local solution, properly implemented, can often represent a global opportunity.


The Reach Network: Facilitating Global Explorations

STBY is a founding partner of Reach, a network of highly skilled and experienced companies around the world who all maintain a deep expertise in design research. Our experience in both design and customer research enables us to seamlessly integrate our research activities in design and innovation processes. Working together, we offer our clients design-led customer research on a global scale.

Each partner in the network brings years of experience in research and consulting for large corporate clients. Our backgrounds include computer science, engineering, cultural studies, social science, interaction design, industrial design and product design, and over the past few years we have collaborated extensively on a wide range of projects.

See the Reach website for more information on our how we work and who we are: www.globaldesignresearch.com


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