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Future Society

Our empathic, people-focused approach is particularly applicable to social innovation – especially those topics which revolve around intimate and personal issues. We’ve worked extensively in this area, using the design research processes and specialised techniques we’ve developed across all our projects to tackle a wide range of social issues.


Designing Care: Researching Problems whilst Promoting Partnerships

One example here is the extensive work we have done in the the care sector. We’ve developed a number of long-term partnerships with various care providers (hospitals and primary care), charities, and other social organisations working in this area, conducting numerous projects that explore the products and services that are needed to solve various social and well-being related problems. Our work on ageing societies in particular has looked at this issue from a variety of perspectives, from the challenges posed by social change to the barriers related to technology adoption amongst older people.


The Public Sector: Consistent Results Across Diverse Topics

We’ve had great success applying our approach across a diverse range of public-sector projects, demonstrating how design research techniques can be used to study a wide spectrum of social issues. In recent years we’ve looked at everything from how to improve the theatre-going experience, how to support students in managing their finances, how to facilitate more transparent relations between businesses and local government, and how to enable consumer households to relate in different ways to the use of natural resources (water and electricity). All very different topics, but each was based around the same core ability to connect with participants in a sensitive, empathic way. This ability is what allows us to uncover and share such deep insights into the challenges future societies may poses for peoples lives, and is at the centre of all of the projects we design.

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