Yoni Lefévre

Yoni is STBY’s taboo breaker; she is always keen on challenging stereotypical perspectives, especially about aging. After a few years of researching the stigma of ageing through creative intergenerational engagements, she became a passionate advocate for inclusive and holistic research projects. She likes to explore, listen and understand (invisible) communities, and to translate complexity through visual storytelling. Inclusive futures is what it is all about. 

Her Design background fuels her curiosity and interest in the multidisciplinary practice of design through playful imagination and reflective writing. She understands the transformative nature of participatory design, likes to reflect on its context, and its meaning and role within the wider society.

When she is not doodling in her notebook or creating beautiful Miro boards, she eats traditional pies from Limburg with her family. If she was not a Design Researcher she’d be a Cultural Anthropologist doing fieldwork even further South, or a caretaker at an elderly home.