Yannis Toubakaris

Yannis is a Design Researcher based at the STBY London studio. From gathering data in the streets, to reframing concepts and creating conditions for great Aha! moments, Yanni’s mission is to help organisations innovate by bridging customer research with design and business thinking.

Originally trained as a product designer, he has worked on everything between homeware to fitness equipment, interiors to graphic and digital projects. This gave him first hand experience of the creative and generative power of companies being often bottlenecked by a lack of understanding of their customers needs.

Bitten by the design research bug, Yannis completed an MSc in Design Ethnography at the University of Dundee in 2011. He then freelanced for agencies in UK and Spain, working  on projects for companies in Automotive, Self service, Telecommunications, FMCG and Internet technology, conducting fieldwork in the EU and US. In parallel Yannis has been introducing design research methods to BA product design students as an adjunct lecturer for National University of Ireland Maynooth.