Wessel Veenkamp

Wessel has a passion for how design can be used to transform complex societal issues, by diving deep into the problem landscape and proposing new paths of innovation. After an undergraduate engineering degree in he switched tracks and is currently finishing his Master of Science in Integrated Product Design at the Delft University of Technology, where he has been especially drawn to Design Research and Social Design.

Wessel is especially interested in the reframing of seemingly paradoxical social issues and how design research methodology could help in creating better legislation for the benefit of people and the planet. He believes that there is something to learn from everyone you meet.

After a productive day he likes to be on the move, often going for a run in the parks of Amsterdam or playing the drums with his band. He is always up for an adventure and finds that travelling to foreign places is where he really comes alive. If Wessel would not be a Design Researcher, he would spend his days in the water as a freediving instructor on a tropical island.