Tingwei Xie

Tingwei, an intern design researcher at Stby London, possesses a strong inclination for social interaction, and cultural adventures. She is currently enrolled in the Society & Imagination program at Goldsmiths, University in London, where she nurtures her skills in speculative design thinking and masters reflective practices.

Tingwei actively challenges herself to gain a deeper understanding of societal dynamics with the aim of contributing to a more positive and sustainable future. She is dedicated to shifting our society’s focus from self-centeredness (“ego”) to an environmentally conscious mindset (“eco”) through the application of planet-centered design principles. Her enthusiasm stems from the alignment of her values with Stby’s shared goal in this regard.

Tingwei finds joy in experiential learning and collaborative endeavors with a growing community. During her free time, she dedicates herself to exploring exhibitions and museums, further enriching her knowledge and creativity.