A photograph of Tania Ignat

Tania Ignat

Tania is passionate about science and enjoys reading a lot of psychology books to understand the behaviours of people around her. After studying Product Design at degree level, she is now focusing her efforts on getting a Master of Design in Service Design, Social Innovation and Design Leadership from Ravensbourne University.

Tania is particularly interested in the way governments work to prepare for the shift in working life (that has been accelerated by the current pandemic) and how Service Design can be used to address the issue of longevity and change from a 3-stage life into a multiple stage life. She also believes everyone is creative and can bring their own experience and expertise to the table when designing a service.

When in doubt she goes swimming or on a bike ride around London, as she still is getting used to driving on the opposite side of the road. If she wouldn’t be a Design Researcher, she would be a master Calligrapher working from a remote location set by a body of water.