Sophie Tendai Christiaens

Sophie Tendai is a curious person always looking to expand her ways of thinking and practice. Sophie comes from an interdisciplinary research background and has spent the last few years specialising in design for the circular economy. She has designed educational programs for localised material sourcing and regenerative design in the textile and apparel industry as well as worked with businesses and designers to develop circular strategies, practices, and systems.

Sophie is passionate about decolonizing design perspectives and has conducted research on how we can challenge past and present systems of oppression in order to expand our design thinking and innovation landscapes. She is passionate about creating sustainable solutions that are contextually nuanced and effective by centring local needs and narratives.

If not at work you can usually find Sophie in a garden, a gallery, or in a conversation with friends. If she wasn’t a design researcher, Sophie would be a mixed medium artist or a professional beach tester, either would be just fine.