Qin Han

Qin (Pronounced “Chin”) is a big fan of sci-fi and this passion translates to her fascination with technology and the role it plays in society. After obtaining a degree in Computer Science and Technology and a Master of Design degree, Qin was awarded the first ever PhD in Service Design in the UK from the University of Dundee. She has also played a very active role as an organiser and ambassador of the Service Design Jams. 

Qin is particularly interested in the healthcare context and advocates the value of Design Research and Service Design in addressing issues related to ageing societies, and wellbeing more generally. With strong links to universities and fresh graduates, Qin is always keen to share her experience and knowledge with the next generation of researchers through Jams, workshops and lectures. 

When she’s not lost among tabs and browsers, you can find Qin at a Park Run with her family. If she was not a Design Researcher, she’d be a Graphic Novelist or a Alien Linguist.