Paulien Kreutzer

Paulien works as a senior design researcher at STBY Amsterdam. She has a long track record as a qualitative researcher. Paulien has worked for a wide range of client organisations – from care, to media and culture. She has a lot of experience in exploring personal and sensitive topics in a participatory and co-creative way, often with young target groups. After more than 14 years of working as an independent freelancer, Paulien has joined STBY to be part of a bigger team and work together on the big challenges the world is facing.

Paulien is particularly interested in the power and innovative force of young people. She is always keen to share her experience and knowledge with the next generation of researchers through workshops and lectures. She also teaches students in higher professional education the tricks of the trade.

When she is not working you can find Paulien on a yogamat, in a swimming pool or in the kitchen. She loves to enjoy the city of Amsterdam with her partner and two kids and explore the rest of the world. If she was not a Design Researcher, she’d be an Interior Designer.