Nina Stegeman

Nina brings a sense of calm and patience to the research we do, a rare and treasured skill in the fast-paced world of a bustling Design Research studio.  She always approaches people and topics with patience and an open mind, inspiring others to do the same. Her ultimate goal is to move away from polarization, and to create common ground on which mutual understanding can take place. Only then entrenched beliefs can be challenged and meaningful conversation can take place. 

Nina has a background in Journalism and Cultural Anthropology. As such, she does not view the world in black or white, right or wrong. For Nina, it is the responsibility of the researcher to show that experiences are layered, entangled, and interconnected. She loves to immerse herself in new contexts, meticulously analyse raw data, and craft compelling, nuanced stories for clients. 

When she’s not in the studio, you can find her curled up with a good book and cup of tea. If she wasn’t a Design Researcher she’d be an Investigative Journalist or a Zen Master.