Nick Forrester

Nick believes that the best way to build the future is giving people who use services more of a say in what they do and how they work. He likes listening to and observing people’s stories and experiences, and to unpick how and why things are designed and built. 

Nick is a design researcher with eleven year’s experience helping organisations design services that work better for their users. He’s worked in Government, for charities and in the private sector. Before moving into design research, he was a product manager for a few tech companies, and worked in publishing. Nick has an MA in Interaction Design from Goldsmiths University.  

One thing he likes to do when he’s not working is cooking. At work projects can go on for a long time, so he likes to complete a thing in the evening and enjoy it. If he wasn’t a Design Researcher, he would be le patron of a seaside bistro du coin somewhere in the south of France. There’d be plenty of melted cheese, pastis and petanque for all. He lived in France for two years and still tries to speak the language from time to time.