Megan Anderson

Megan is our resident rabbit; we are always retrieving her from rabbit holes. Even before the research gets started, she enjoys munching on problems to ensure clients ask the right questions from the get-go. Once emerged, she enjoys getting teams excited about how things could be better, favouring approaches such as collaborative mapping, speculative design and cultural probes as ways of ‘thinking through making’. Combining ‘big data’ with ‘thick’, ethnographic data is also a passion.

Though Megan has conducted research in a range of contexts, a growing area of interest and expertise is the field of urban services and systems, especially from a wellbeing and sustainability perspective. She likes to take a global approach to the work she does, working in collaborative networks across cities to conduct design research that is actionable at both global and local levels. 

When not in the depths of a rabbit-hole, Megan loves a good outdoor adventure, especially if it involves running or sailing. If she wasn’t a Design Researcher, she’d be a Spy or an Explorer.