Huib Wezenaar

Huib is an intern design researcher at STBY Amsterdam. Huib likes to explore new ways of doing things and, in this, he tries his very best to look in places he has not been before. He studies Communication and Multimedia Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences where he is on the lookout for new ways to use immersive technologies to his advantage in developing new solutions for existing problems.

In the past, Huib worked as an electrical engineer but he could not find enough ways to make his days creatively exciting, so he decided to become a media designer instead. His interest as a creative researcher began while working on a service design project about the colonial history of the Netherlands. With this project, he felt like he could make a meaningful change in people’s lives, and this caused him to branch out as a design researcher. If he wasn’t a design researcher he would open up an art studio and make all kinds of paintings and drawings.