Evelijn van Hilten

Evelijn is currently interning at the Stby Amsterdam office and is excited to dive deeper into design research. As a master’s student in Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology, she has become skilled with many innovative and explorative design processes. Her hands-on approach lets her ‘think through design’. As a social butterfly, she thrives from engaging with people and finds inspiration in other’s perspectives.

Evelijn’s curiosity leads to a continuous flow of ideas and topics to explore. She is interested in cultures, social dynamics and socio-environmental challenges. Being passionate about social contexts, she likes to unravel the complexities of people’s values and stakeholder dynamics.

When Evelijn is not chatting with people, you can find her crafting with fabric, yarn or wool. If she was not a design researcher, she would pursue her childhood dream to be a farmer and cuddle with sheep all day.