Esther van Roosmalen

Esther is a visual thinker and loves visualising complex systems within the social domain. She is passionate about getting stakeholders on the same page, and listening to their different perspectives excites her most. Analysing qualitative data and finding a way to communicate the essence without losing details, is a challenge that brings her joy.

She gained work experience as a freelancer in the field of social design after completing a Bachelor degree Graphic Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts Zwolle. Esther is currently completing the Master Design at Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam. Here she is researching how information design can reflect upon the current waste system of The Netherlands and improve the sustainability of the waste management.

When she is not colour-coding to-do lists, she is playing board games or dog-sitting. If she wasn’t a design researcher, Esther would be cycling around the world on her tandem bike.