Daphne Stylianou

With a multidisciplinary background in design and anthropology, Daphne has the quintessential pedigree that many Design Researchers yearn for. Contextual interviews and observations on location are methods that she is most passionate about, and she loves to create physical and digital prompts to capture stories and explore meaning. Daphne is also a recruitment pro, working skillfully with clients to find the right participants and keep them comfortable, informed and engaged.  

In recent years, Daphne has managed numerous international research projects, collaborating with STBY’s Reach Network partners to strengthen our global research capacity. She often plays the role of a coach and liaison between locations and the client team, ensuring everyone is on the same page across numerous time zones. 

When Daphne is not navigating time zones, you will most likely find her sipping an Iced Americano in the sun or cooking up a Medditerannean feast in the kitchen (the leftovers of which always make the team jealous at lunch!). If she wasn’t a Design Researcher, she’d be a Museum Curator or a Master Chef.