Heartlands Idea Generation Workshops

As part of our long-time involvement in the Heartlands project in Cornwall as inclusive design facilitators, we organised a series of workshops to generate ideas and conversations about the futures use of some of the new buildings.

IB-Groep: Multi-channel services

The Dutch national body for studentships and other financial services for students, IB-groep, commissioned STBY to investigate how their youngest clients (students in their first year at college) manage their finances. With a team of young interviewers from Spunk//STBY, we visited 20 young students at their homes throughout The Netherlands for an interview.

Smart textiles

For the conference How Smart Are We?, organised by Design Plus in London, STBY produced two design documentaires and creative workshops on the themes Drift and Swim. The first theme explored how smart textiles can help people to navigate in a city in case they want to wander around rather than just going from A to B.

Ethnography in industry

In collaboration with the People and Practices Group from Intel, STBY organised and moderated a workshop on the use of ethnographic research practices within companies.…


STBY was the coordinator of a creative workshop for the European funded pilotproject PLANTS. In Patras (Greece) an international group of experts from various …