Collaboration with Network Partners

In the spirit of a true network company, we are open for collaborations with parties offering additional expertises to ours, and working in a similar agile but highly professional approach.

Service Design events in The Netherlands

After the summer break the Dutch Service Design Network is picking up its activities again with a Service Design Talks meeting on 28 Sep and a Service Design Thinks meeting on 6 October.

World class pioneers and creative thinkers

As one of the first companies to begin creating projects around the principles of design research and service design, STBY have been intimately involved with the ongoing development of these fields of work. We’ve written papers, magazine and book chapters, founded collaborative and information-sharing networks, and given talks at national and international conferences all across the world. This involvement with design research and service design’s continued evolution keeps us at the forefront of the field, as through our work we’re helping to define it.

Service Design Talks 20/1

On 20 January we will be getting together again to discuss another recently published and interesting book related to Service Design. This time it's Tim Brown's new book 'Change by Design'.

Reach partners meeting up

Our colleagues and friends from Apogee in Hong Kong, Jo Wong and Daniel Szuk, visited us in London this week. It was really lovely to have them around at the studio for…

Service Design Talks 4/11

On Wednesday 4 November another of those lively debating evenings about Service Design will take place at 7 pm in the office of STBY in Amsterdam.

Please be invited.…