Heartlands Cornwall to open 20-22 April!

Since 2007, STBY has worked with Yanki Lee on Heartlands in Cornwall, a new ‘cultural playground’ and also World Heritage Site near Redruth in Cornwall, UK. Now, after years of preparing and building, Heartlands will open this weekend, 20-22 April.

Spatial planning beyond the city

We were invited to present the work we did for Heartlands (Cornwall) at the annual conference on spatial planning (Ruimteconferentie 2009), organised by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving) on 3 November.

Creative methods for community involvement

Our contribution to the Heartlands project inspired a group of community regeneration officers of Kerrier District Council to invite us to share our knowledge and experience on ways to involve local communities in regeneration projects.

Great design for all

Early April we immersed ourselves in Include 2009, the leading cross-disciplinary conference on the inclusive approach to people-centered design and innovation at the Royal College of Art in London.

Heartlands storytelling workshop

We organised a storytelling workshop for Heartlands in Pool. The last in a series of co-creative workshops to inform and inspire the design teams of this regeneration project around an old tin mine.

Heartlands User Forums

Early July we organised five User Forums for Heartlands, the regeneration project in Cornwall we work for as Inclusive Design facilitators all year in 2008.