Charging up around the world

How do people around the world charge their mobile devices? How do they use electricity in their households, and how do they think about their energy usage? Together with all the partners in the Reach Network we did a global study on this topic.

Adopting rigor in Service Design research

Bas co-authored the paper "Thinking and Doing Ethnography in Service Design" with Fabian Segelström and Stefan Holmlid of Linköping University in Sweden for the IASDR 2009 conference in Seoul, 18-22 Oct.

Support services for independent living

For a consortium of organisations in The Netherlands (primary health care, housing associations and local government) STBY and Waag Society conducted a study to identify the needs among older people for new services supporting independent living at home.

Designs of the Time 2009

STBY has been selected in the panel of senior design project managers for Designs of the Time 2009 (Dott09), the new user-led design initiative planned for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Service design for utilities

In close collaboration with the Design Council we worked on a service design scoping study for a water company. Our task in this multi-stranded project was to generate consumer insights that could lead to the identification of strategic opportunities for improved and innovative services.

Creative methods for community involvement

Our contribution to the Heartlands project inspired a group of community regeneration officers of Kerrier District Council to invite us to share our knowledge and experience on ways to involve local communities in regeneration projects.

Financial services for young students

For the IB-Groep (the national Dutch body that handles all studentships, student loans and university registrations) we organised a half day workshop to explore and discuss new ideas and concepts for financial services for young students. In their last year at high school and in their first year at university, many of these students are trying to figure out how to manage their personal finance. They have a high need for information and guidance, and they prefer the services of the IB-Groep to be available to them in an integrated way through multiple channels.

The future of anthropology in industry?

Two panel sessions during the EPIC 2008 conference in Copenhagen offered reflections on the positions we have in companies as consultants or employees. How is our work seen and understood?

Keynote Christina Garsten EPIC2008

I, Bas, am at EPIC 2008 for the coming three days, and will be blogging now and then from the conference floor. Enjoy and feel free to comment!

Global Design Research Network

As many clients have asked us for research that covers local situations in many different countries, we thought that it would be good to formalize our network of design…