Say yes to the mess!

Geke van Dijk wrote an article on Molblog (Dutch Marketing Magazine) on the benefits of design research for service innovation. ‘Say yes to the mess’…

Entrepreneurial experiences in Haarlem

The city of Haarlem is keen to improve its services to local entrepreneurs. To this purpose, they have initiated several activities. One of these is the campaign 'More Service, Less Rules'. Another such initiative is a qualitative research among local entrepreneurs to learn from their experiences. STBY was asked by the Chamber of Commerce to conduct this study. The aim was to elicit entrepreneurs' experiences and satisfaction with the municipal service delivery, and to advise on solutions to the barriers that entrepreneurs are facing.

Investigations on emerging usage of smart devices

Over the past year we have worked on an extensive series of projects investigating how people make use of ‘ecosystems of smart devices’. We have, for instance, looked into how people make choices on which devices to use in particular circumstances and situations. In many occasions the functionality of the various smart devices people own (e.g. smart phones, tablets, computers, game consoles, in-car navigation devices, cameras) partly overlaps and partly supplements each other, so what to choose when, where and why?

Mobility, Cars and Refueling Experiences

What do people care about in terms of mobility, and what do they want from a petrol station? STBY were recently contacted by a big international car brand who wanted us to help them gain a better idea of these topics to inform and inspire their service innovation process.

Stakeholder Research in Food & Retail for Ahold

In collaboration with LBi Lost Boys, STBY recently conducted a stakeholder research for Ahold, the international retailing group that owns large consumer brands such as Albert Heijn, Etos, Stop&Shop and Giant.

Finding global common ground in telecoms

Do different people in different companies have the same conversations? Is the language people use influenced by context, culture, technology - or even a mixture of all three?

Say yes to the mess!

For 'The week of Service Design' on Molblog, the online platform of the Dutch Marketing Magazine, Geke van Dijk was invited to contribute an article to illustrate the benefits of design research for service innovation.

Helping Novo Nordisk design for diabetes

STBY have recently completed a project with the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. We were asked to put a human face to four different types of patients …