Future usage of mobile internet services

Together with designers of T-Mobile who are working on the development of future mobile internet services, we organised an intensive day of concept testing with a mixed group of participants. For the occassion our London office was transformed in a 'user lab'.

Creative methods for community involvement

Our contribution to the Heartlands project inspired a group of community regeneration officers of Kerrier District Council to invite us to share our knowledge and experience on ways to involve local communities in regeneration projects.

Global Design Research Network

As many clients have asked us for research that covers local situations in many different countries, we thought that it would be good to formalize our network of design…

Smart Street Paper

Paper on experimental design research methods in a street in London, published by the Design Research Society and presented at their annual conference in 2008: …

Shopping pleasure at Bol.com

by Bas Raijmakers.¬†Published in Usability – Nutzerfreundliches Web-Design by Markus Beier and Vittoria von Gizicky (eds.), Springer-Verlag Berlin …