Developing the DIY Toolkit for Social Impact

We are very happy to have worked with our Indian REACH partner Quicksand, Nesta (UK’s Innovation foundation), and the Rockefeller foundation on the DIY Toolkit for social impact. The aim of the toolkit is to support and increase the innovation capacity of international development practitioners.

Service Design in Practice

STBY is proud contributor to the book ‘Service Design: Insights from nine practices’ that has recently been translated to English. This book is the  result…

Service Design by Industrial Designers

In March 2013 this new book by Froukje Sleeswijk Visser was launched. It is a critical reflection on recent developments in service design, specifically on the consequences…

Investigations on emerging usage of smart devices

Over the past year we have worked on an extensive series of projects investigating how people make use of ‘ecosystems of smart devices’. We have, for instance, looked into how people make choices on which devices to use in particular circumstances and situations. In many occasions the functionality of the various smart devices people own (e.g. smart phones, tablets, computers, game consoles, in-car navigation devices, cameras) partly overlaps and partly supplements each other, so what to choose when, where and why?

Eldery lives at home with PuntExtra

How can service design bring people together? One frustration some people experience when trying to improve a service is the amount of different organisations …

Collaboration with Network Partners

In the spirit of a true network company, we are open for collaborations with parties offering additional expertises to ours, and working in a similar agile but highly professional approach.

Us Now screening

Ivo Gormley has made a powerful documentary on the role of the internet for democracy and mass collaboration. It is an inspiring and fast-paced film that covers many examples of online communities