How to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

This was a question we addressed in one of our recent projects for a large international consumer brand. What do people consider to be a healthy lifestyle? Are they happy with their current ways of maintaining their lifestyles? What would they like to alter? Would they welcome any support with this?

Testing Telekom’s Service Prototypes

One of the things we do here at STBY is provide long-term support for the development of new services. This often means conducting several projects for the same client,…

Presentation at Emerce E-Day

Geke van Dijk and Julia Leihener (Creation Center Deutche Telekom) will be co-presenting at the E-Day conference, organised by Emerce on 16 September in Rotterdam. Geke and Julia will present the research project conducted by STBY and the Creation Center.

Remote services for older people

For a consortium of public sector organisations in The Netherlands STBY is working on a user-driven innovation proces aiming to develop new remote services that support older people to live independently at home. Moving to a retirement home is not something most older people are looking forward to. Luckily nowadays, it is possible to get a lot of care and support at home. Remote services have a potential to offer people a maximum of flexibility and independence. In every stage of this project people from the target group, older people and their carers, have been involved in order make sure the team works with their perspective firmly in mind.

Service Experience Lab on mobile internet

Together with the Creation Centre of T-Labs (part of Deutsche Telekom in Berlin) STBY organised and facilitated a Service Experience Lab in London. In a full day programme product managers from T-Mobile's British and German teams interacted with a group of consumers and discussed ideas for the next step in mobile internet services.

Tools for tomorrow’s public policies

About sixty representatives, researchers, sociologists and creatives met up at La Boate, in Marseille, to invent tools for tomorrow’s public policies, and imagine the future of the 26 french regions. Orchestrated by the 27th region, this event intended to precede the annual «Congrès des Régions» with a creative push.

Co-creating education

In the early stages of developing a new international master course, the University of Tilburg was interested in a series of empathic conversations with students to explore some first ideas and considerations. STBY guided and facilitated these conversations. We organised three exploratory discussion sessions with groups of students who fitted the profile of the future target group.

Please play the building

This Sunday we were at the Roundhouse in Camden to explore David Byrne's installation Playing the Building. In a totally empty central hall a small organ stands in the middle, with its guts ripped out.

Urban Creatives: young and switched on

For Bigga Fish and BANG Radio we set up and managed a youth study in London with an experimental approach. We first trained and coached a panel of 5 young researchers in conducting interviews with innercity urban creatives, and then facilitated them in drawing out the main insights and conclusions. Both the researchers and the interviewees aged between 17 to 25.