This is Service Design Thinking

STBY was asked to edit the tools section of this first comprehensive book on the practice of Service Design. The initiators of the book, Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider,…

BNO picking up on Service Design

The main association for designers in The Netherlands, BNO, published an extensive article about Service Design. The trigger was a review of the book This is Service Design Thinking, but the editor Freek Kroesbergen extended this to a review of the current state of the Service Design field in The Netherlands.

TiSDT Wins an Award!

This is Service Design Thinking, the book STBY contributed to last year, has won an award - and a gold one at that! The book's been given the Gold Award for Best Layout at the European Design Awards 2011.

Working on e-book at Ultra Factory Kyoto

To synthesise a series of collaborative design research projects STBY has been working on, together with Daijiro Mizuno from Ultra Factory at the Kyoto University of Arts and Design in Japan, ...

World class pioneers and creative thinkers

As one of the first companies to begin creating projects around the principles of design research and service design, STBY have been intimately involved with the ongoing development of these fields of work. We’ve written papers, magazine and book chapters, founded collaborative and information-sharing networks, and given talks at national and international conferences all across the world. This involvement with design research and service design’s continued evolution keeps us at the forefront of the field, as through our work we’re helping to define it.

STBY magazine

Motivated by the limited amount of literature on design research and service design currently available, we initiated STBY magazine. The first issue was published and distributed to clients, prospects and peers during the past few months in hard copy, but we also want to offer the contents as a downloadable PDF here.