Prototyping Clean Energy Futures

In a workshop hosted by STBY during the Service Design Days in Barcelona on the 5th and 6th of October 2018, we prototyped ideas for new service concepts in response to the What Design Can Do Clean Energy Challenge.

Enhancing training with coaching

Over the past years we have increasingly been asked to support client organisations with their internal capacity building for service innovation. Our vast experience…

Making bicycle parking easier and faster

STBY helped the city of Amsterdam and Dutch Rail to make the use of indoor bicycle parking facilities more efficient and convenient through the use of new technology.…

Co-creating water management policy

The Dutch province of Noord-Brabant needed to develop a new provincial water plan, in which the goals for the water management of the next five years are laid down.…

Personas to inform and inspire service innovation

In a follow-up project to the early explorations in 2009, STBY was asked to develop a series of personas for Southern Water. Again, we worked closely together with the Design Council team on this project. We conducted an in-depth ethnographic study among 23 households in South East England, identified 4 distinct personas, and visualised those in a series of videos and a full colour A2 poster.

Living Well in Cornwall

STBY were asked by Dott Cornwall - a Design Council body who promote design-led solutions to economic and social problems - to investigate what could be done to support sustainable living in Cornwall. The project initially focused on whether a new ‘Centre for Sustainable Living’ was needed in order to support the transition to sustainability throughout the region.

Charging up around the world

How do people around the world charge their mobile devices? How do they use electricity in their households, and how do they think about their energy usage? Together with all the partners in the Reach Network we did a global study on this topic.

Service design for utilities

In close collaboration with the Design Council we worked on a service design scoping study for a water company. Our task in this multi-stranded project was to generate consumer insights that could lead to the identification of strategic opportunities for improved and innovative services.

Heartlands storytelling workshop

We organised a storytelling workshop for Heartlands in Pool. The last in a series of co-creative workshops to inform and inspire the design teams of this regeneration project around an old tin mine.